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Charlotte’s Web (CW)

Premium Whole-Plant Cannabinoid Extract

For some time now we’ve had customers asking us to carry CBD (cannabinoid) oil. We’ve spent months doing research, looking for a product that was high quality, made by a reputable company and one that contains enough cannabinoids to be effective.

We’re happy to announce that we now offer Charlotte’s Web premium whole-plant cannabinoid extract. CW is a family-owned Colorado company that uses 100 percent non-GMO cultivated plants. That means you’ll receive a full spectrum of whole-plant cannabinoids that work symbiotically with other plant compounds, unlike single-molecule products.

CW whole-plant hemp extract uses proprietary and consistent genetics for more reliable, long-term results. Each batch goes through three rounds of quality control testings. The products are produced and packaged in an FDA registered facility following third party verified Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).

In collaboration with The Realm of Caring Foundation and Johns Hopkins University, CW donates a portion of all sales to further study the enormous potential of the whole-plant cannabinoids found in CW Hemp and their effect on anxiety, diabetes, inflammation, migraines and chronic pain.

The effects of cannabinoids are so vast because they bind a huge network of receptors in our bodies called the Endcocannabinoid System. Its receptors are found in many parts of our bodies and can affect appetite, analgesia, autonomic nervous system, energy & balance, pain perception, immune function, memory, sleep, stress response and thermoregulation. Read more.

Plants containing compounds that affect these receptors include Echinacea, cacao, black pepper, kava, marijuana and, of course, hemp. Unlike marijuana, hemp does not contain THC, a psychoactive compound. That means you can benefit from hemp’s therapeutic actions without getting high.

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