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De-Stress & Digest

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Is your gut cranky? Are you restless, maybe even anxious? Come to De-Stress and Digest, a free class at Ruth’s Nutrition, 5:30 p.m. Thursday, March 14. Taught by T.J. Mick, naturopathic doctor of acupuncture and Oriental medicine, this class will teach you calm yourself and your irritable tummy.

You’ll learn the connection between blood sugar and mood, foods that help heal the gut and promote better mood, Asian medicine concepts that relate to mood balance, controlling anxiety and their relationship to good digestion. Not only that, Dr. Mick will share some basic EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) that use key acupuncture points to control anxiety and help minimize stress!

The class is free, but space is limited. Please call Ruth’s, 256-883-4127, to reserve your spot!

Alabama born and in practice since 1989, Dr. Mick is one of the first American-born naturopathic doctors of acupuncture and Oriental medicine, having training in the United States, Europe and China. He has served as a professor and clinical supervisor at two acupuncture and Oriental medicine colleges, and successfully treated thousands of patients for a wide variety of conditions. Dr. Mick began practicing in Huntsville more than two years ago and in 2017 opened Monte Sano Healing Arts on Leeman Ferry Road.