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Fast-Acting Pain Relief

You Don’t Have to Hurt

One thing our customers often want to know is do we have anything to alleviate pain. Most are experiencing joint pain from arthritis, but it might be pain from injuries or even tight muscles. We usually start by talking about the things that will lower inflammation in general: a good fish oil, turmeric, ginger, eliminating food sensitivities, etc. But when customers are hurting, they want something fast-acting; that’s when we start talking about our most popular pain relievers, those that our shoppers tell us work for them.

Our two most popular are Terry Naturally’s Curamin and Gaia Herbs’ Tumeric Supreme Pain. They both contain Curcumin (from Turmeric), but they work a little differently. Curamin uses a patented form of Curcumin called BCM-95, said to be highly absorbable, along with Boswellia (another anti-inflammatory herb) and the amino acid DLPA (DL-phenylalanine). DLPA supports the effects of feel-good endorphins, tending to lessen pain signals. Curamin comes in vegetable capsule or extra-strength tablet form. The formula also contains Turmeric Essential Oil.

Tumeric Supreme Pain uses a supercritical extract of whole Tumeric root, along with anti-inflammatory Ginger and Rosemary. In addition, it contains the pain-relieving herbs Jamaican Dogwood, Wild Lettuce and Devil’s Claw, along with Black Pepper to improve absorption. It comes in a vegetarian liquid phytocap. Gaia Herbs also makes Tumeric Supreme Joint formula, which is similar to the Pain formula but has added Quercetin, another potent anti-inflammatory ingredient.

A more recent addition to our shelves is Redd Remedies’ PAIN T4. It is designed to target joints, muscles, stress, and brain as a broad spectrum approach to alleviating pain. It uses another patented form of Curcumin (C3 Complex), along with relaxing and pain-relieving herbs such as Corydalis, Ashwagandha, Huang Bai, and Cang Zhu. It comes in vegetable capsules or a chewable tablet.

Since each of these products is formulated differently, we usually advise customers to try one product one month then buy a different product the next time to see which works best for you.