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Help For Frequent Urination

Customers Sing The Praises of SagaPro

If you can’t pass a bathroom or find yourself getting up several times a night to urinate, you might want to listen up. Our customers are singing the praises of a capsule called SagaPro.

Not only that, SagaPro has been clinically tested. Turns out it increased bladder capacity and significantly lessened the number of trips to the bathroom at night.

So what’s in SagaPro? An herb harvested from Iceland that’s been used in natural medicine since the Middle Ages called Angelica archangelica. How does it work? Scientists believe it is through Angelica’s content of isoquercitrin, a flavonoid that inhibits the activity of leukotrienes. Leukotrienes can trigger bladder contractions; by inhibiting leukotrienes, Angelica relaxes the bladder and reduces urinary urgency.

The product is safe and effective for both men and women. AND it’s on sale during the month of May!