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Does it matter when you take them?

Over the years we’ve heard all kinds of advice on when and how to take probiotics: with food, without food, before a meal, after a meal, first thing in the morning, last thing before bed. It’s confusing at best, maddening at worst.

That’s why we were so glad to find a blog post on this topic by Dr. Michel Ruscio, doctor of natural medicine, doctor of chiropractic, clinical researcher, and author. We’ve found him to be generally a provider of sound information.

We’ll provide a link to his post later, but the essence of his advice is this: Given how many studies show probiotic benefits no matter how you take them, it really doesn’t matter. Some species will degrade in the presence of stomach acid, but some studies show those dead probiotics still offer benefit. Many other species aren’t affected by stomach acid at all. His conclusion then, is to take probiotics when you can remember them. How sweet is that?!

Ruscio did make one interesting recommendation. He divides probiotics into three categories:

  1. Lactobacillus & Bifidobacterium predominated blends (most products are these)
  2. Saccharomyces Boulardi (a beneficial yeast)
  3. Soil-based probiotics (Bacillus species)

Given the studies show probiotic diversity is good, he recommends people take probiotics from each category to maximize probiotic varieties.



Dr. Ruscio’s recommendations