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Ruth’s Nutrition, where are you?!

You really can get here from there!

Since the Memorial Parkway overpasses have been completed, there’s a whole new way to get to us. Many people are still confused. We hear stories of people zipping by, then having to turn around to get to us. If you try to use MapQuest or GoogleMaps to make it easier, it won’t work! Their directions have not been updated since the construction has been completed.

So listen up, you really can get here from there!

If you are traveling southbound on the Parkway, exit at Martin Road/Byrd Spring Road. Move into the right-hand lane and go straight through the light at the Martin Road overpass. After you pass the sign for South Boulevard, you’ll see Rosie’s Cantina’s giant pink, purple and blue sign. Turn right into the shopping center parking lot. You’ll find us between Sullins Eye Care and 4D Ultrasound Lady (which used to be A Nurturing Moment).

If you are traveling northbound on the Parkway, exit at Lily Flagg/Logan Drive/Byrd Spring Road. Go straight through the first traffic light. Get in the left-hand lane and turn left onto Byrd Spring Road at the next traffic light. Then you’ll turn right into Rosie’s parking lot.

Another option if you are traveling northbound is to stay on the Parkway until the Martin Road exit. Get in the left-hand lane as you exit and make a U-turn onto the southbound access road. After you make the turn, get into the right-hand lane and then turn right when you come to Rosie’s Cantina’s big pink, blue and purple sign.

So come see us! We look forward to helping you solve your health puzzle!