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Antioxidant Powerhouse

A Mighty Punch

We’ve all probably heard the theory oxidative stress is the primary cause of cellular damage and aging. That’s had many of us taking a handful of pills to address the issue. Thank goodness, Nordic Naturals has developed Omega Curcumin, which gives us a mighty antioxidant punch in just one dose (two pills).

Omega Curcumin is a combination of concentrated anti-inflammatory fish oils EPA (490mg) & DHA (350 mg), along with the antioxidants curcumin (400mg), L-glutathione (150 mg) and N-acetylcysteine (200 mg). Each nutrient plays a distinct yet complementary role in reducing oxidative stress to help maintain cellular health and support metabolic balance.

Another interesting point is that the curcumin used is a patented form called LongVida. Basically, it wraps the curcumin in a lipid (fat) coat, which makes the curcumin easier to absorb. Unlike other turmeric/curcumin brands, LongVida has studies showing it crosses the blood-brain barrier.

Come try a bottle and give us some feedback. We’d love to know what you think!