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October Sales

More great products @ great prices!

October brings two great sales! All of our New Chapter and Nordic Naturals products are on sale till the end of the month!

Nordic Naturals is known for having the finest fish oils, recognized for their quality by both doctors and researchers. We’ve got everything from the Ultimate Omega to the Nordic Berries children’s vitamins on sale. Not only that, we now have plenty of Nordic’s Omega Curcumin in stock. It contains Nordic’s top quality anti-inflammatory fish oil along with LongVida’s anti-inflammatory Curcumin, the only curcumin with studies showing it crosses the blood-brain barrier.

The New Chapter sale includes Omega 7 sea buckthorn oil, known for healing mucus membranes. Customers tell us they get relief from dry eyes, vaginal dryness and even interstitial cystitis by using this product. Also included in the sale are Bone Strength, Prostate 5 LX and Holy Basil.

Stop by and stock up while the sale lasts!