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Balance Hormones Naturally

Roslyn Rogers Returns!

When hormones are out of sync, you can experience weight gain around the waist, bone loss, hot flashes, PMS, ovarian cysts, headaches, allergies, loss of libido, fatigue and depression, sleep problems, urinary tract problems and many other dis-eases. Roslyn Rogers, certified nutritional consultant board certified in integrative medicine, will be sharing her wisdom on how to balance your hormones naturally beginning at 5:30 p.m., Thursday, May 4, in Ruth’s Nutrition, 7540 South Memorial Parkway, in the Rose’s Shopping Center.

Known for her motivational skills and her sensitive, caring outlook on life, Roslyn’s seminars cover anti-aging strategies, weight management, PMS, menopause and most women’s health issues. In addition, she will teach you how to have healthy bones throughout your life, what nutrients help nourish your skin and bring out a youthful glow, what you can eat to pump you with energy (or what you eat that zaps it) and natural alternatives to HRT.

Roslyn’s seminar is free and open to everyone! Mark your calendars for Thursday, May 4 and come join us at Ruth’s Nutrition for an evening filled with women’s wisdom and a lot of fun! Call Ruth’s Nutrition, 256-883-4127 for more information.