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Power Up Your Health!

Fermented Foods Are The Superfood Bomb!

Do you realize just how important the bacteria in your gut are to you overall health? For some time now, researchers have called the nervous system surrounding our gut our second brain. It’s the trillions of bacteria in our guts that communicate with that nervous system and can greatly affect our health. Beneficial bacteria can improve our mood, enhance food/nutrient absorption, boost our immune system, and produce certain vitamins. Some research suggests that certain beneficial bacteria may even help us lose weight, clear up our skin from acne or eczema. Learn more.

That means maintaining a healthy gut is extremely important, and it’s easier to damage than you might think. Many things can negatively affect our microbiome: antibiotics (just one dose can disrupt your gut for as much as a year!), NSAIDS (aspirin, ibuprophen, naproxen, etc.), proton pump inhibitors (acid blockers), high-sugar/refined carbohydrate diets, low-fiber diets, and stress. The good news is that we can make positive changes in our microbiome and gene expression in just a matter of days! Learn more.

What do we need to do to improve our gut health? Avoid the above when possible, eat a whole foods diet with plenty of veggies, take probiotic supplements and add fermented foods to our meals. That’s why Ruth’s is pleased to sell Perfect Pickler kits for home fermenting. You can ferment any vegetable you want – so far we’ve done sauerkraut, carrots sticks, and jicama sticks (Sue’s favorite because they are also high in inulin, a beneficial fiber). The process is simple, easy and quick. In as little as 4 days you can have fermented foods to add to your refrigerator! Eat them as pickles, a side dish or on top of salads. We’ve got everything you need to get started, the kits, sea salt and even wide mouth jars. Come find out how easy it is to add healthy fermented foods to your diet and power up your health! If you want more complex recipes, click here and here and here.